Definition of under-represent in English:



[with object]
  • Provide with insufficient or inadequate representation.

    ‘women are under-represented at high levels’
    • ‘If people are under-represented on campus or in the employment figures, that could be evidence of an underlying social injustice.’
    • ‘Citizens who are not students are in danger of being under-represented in their area if students have access to such direct political representation.’
    • ‘The company believes it is under-represented in the capital, with only one of its 30 Scottish stores located in the city, compared with six in Glasgow.’
    • ‘He said the party would be concentrating much of its efforts on Dublin and 14 other urban centres where the party was under-represented.’
    • ‘They are overwhelmingly relegated to low paying jobs and are grossly under-represented in the Universities.’
    • ‘Projects may include research to find out which groups are under-represented in the workforce, possibly by helping employers audit their staff.’
    • ‘She believes that arts students have currently been under-represented and has promised to make improvements in this area.’
    • ‘The Government moved after research showed that middle-class professionals were under-represented on juries.’
    • ‘The working class is under-represented in membership, and the professional middle class is over-represented.’
    • ‘Women continue to be under-represented in the highest-paying employment sectors.’
    • ‘Currently people from these communities are under-represented on the blood and bone marrow donor registers.’
    • ‘One of the things I am concerned about is that in the Midlands and the North we are massively under-represented.’
    • ‘In many genres today women are still under-represented as composers and players.’
    • ‘But he admitted the society was under-represented in some parts of the country.’
    • ‘In IT, women are significantly under-represented, especially at senior levels.’
    • ‘It seriously under-represents the quantity, extent and significance of the archaeological remains and perpetuates misconceptions about the region.’
    • ‘They are seriously under-represented in therapeutic trials, resulting in a less adequate evidence base for treatment.’
    • ‘If anything, that period was under-represented in the journal's coverage, not over-represented.’