Definition of under siege in English:

under siege

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  • (of a place) undergoing a siege.

    ‘the fort had been under siege by guerrillas since June’
    • ‘we are under siege from budget cuts’
    • ‘Against his instructions, he elected to stay and defend the capital, Khartoum, which came under siege from the Mahdi in May 1884.’
    • ‘Manstein believed three or four divisions could keep the fortress under siege.’
    • ‘At the time it felt like we were surrounded by an army, properly under siege.’
    • ‘But how could one hide the fact that their capital was under siege by an army of rebels?’
    • ‘These women have lost loved ones, they face their daily fears and campaign under siege.’
    • ‘The one site that was not under siege was City Hall, where Seb Ommati was sitting down to a steak dinner with his ward and the mayor of the city.’
    • ‘Sometimes my parents got a little suspicious as to where I was disappearing every time our village was under siege.’
    • ‘It is clear Helen has not been happy in Troy either - especially during the years Troy has been under siege by invading Greeks.’
    • ‘The island had been under siege for several months by a fleet of pirate vessels, and the two had gone on a quest to solve their problem.’
    • ‘As I have long suspected, Bellandor perished by his own hand when the city he helped defend was under siege.’
    besieged, under siege, blockaded, surrounded, encircled, hemmed in, under attack