Definition of under suspicion in English:

under suspicion

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  • Thought to be guilty of wrongdoing.

    ‘Maloney was already under suspicion by some district employees.’
    • ‘If people can't recognise the individual from this information, it means that every male TV presenter in the business is under suspicion.’
    • ‘Jones clearly was one of those under suspicion.’
    • ‘It would have been understandable after Scott came under suspicion.’
    • ‘We expect to learn more about the sting, where two men were arrested under suspicion of providing support for terrorism.’
    • ‘All new restaurants immediately fall under suspicion, especially those attached to new guesthouses.’
    • ‘Some individuals under suspicion were therefore eliminated at a very early stage, while 1,500 have been convicted.’
    • ‘Everybody is under suspicion but you don't want to hear about that.’
    • ‘What happens if any of the athletes under suspicion make the team?’
    • ‘By keeping quiet for so long they have made every other councillor who used the Internet come under suspicion in the public's mind with guilt by association.’