Definition of undercapitalize in English:


transitive verb

(also British undercapitalise)
[with object]
  • Provide (a company) with insufficient capital to achieve desired results.

    ‘there is evidence that such businesses are often undercapitalized’
    • ‘The article paints a picture of an understaffed, underequipped, and undercapitalized agency trying desperately to impose order on a nation the size of California.’
    • ‘As a very small and undercapitalised new publisher, they operate with minimal resources and with a limited capacity for marketing and promotion.’
    • ‘And yet, rail is relatively undercapitalized.’
    • ‘The early, undercapitalized months of the company were difficult for Young, who felt hamstrung by his lack of resources.’
    • ‘But the country still has many challenges: its banking system is massively undercapitalised and over-burdened with bad debts.’
    • ‘He said railway firms were undercapitalised and it was expensive for governments to run these companies.’
    • ‘Companies that could fail will most likely be those that are badly undercapitalised and already wounded by the recent spate of catastrophes.’
    • ‘As a result, most of them are undercapitalized, in the same way that a firm is undercapitalized when it issues fewer securities than its income and assets would justify.’
    • ‘Nearly all are undercapitalized and unlikely to acquire necessary funding through traditional cooperative financing mechanisms.’
    • ‘The banks are undercapitalized, and no one in their right minds would pour any more money into the system - except for the government, which doesn't have any more money to give.’
    • ‘Many undercapitalized projects are struggling under high debt loads and are eager to sell, often at bargain prices.’
    • ‘There is no question about it; the police force was undercapitalised.’
    • ‘We don't have significant problems selling our books but we are always undercapitalized when going to the printers with a new book.’
    • ‘Insurance companies now find themselves undercapitalised after unexpected surges in claims or unexpected losses in equity, corporate bond, or structured finance holdings in their portfolios.’
    • ‘The business has been undercapitalised since the start, so the Dawsons are keen to pay off debt associated with plant and machinery investment before they ramp up.’
    • ‘Those same programs, it should be pointed out, are too often undercapitalized and are expected to generate credit hours without many of the resources needed to foster quality programs.’
    • ‘There is a shakeout as undercapitalized and high-cost firms fail.’
    • ‘In an undercapitalized environment, both the business people and the consumer suffered.’
    • ‘Most profits from the Portuguese-dominated sectors went overseas, leaving the colony grossly undercapitalized.’
    • ‘That threw the undercapitalized domestic banks into a crisis from which they never emerged.’



/ˌəndərˈkapədlˌīz/ /ˌəndərˈkæpədlˌaɪz/