Definition of underexplored in English:



  • 1(of an area) not sufficiently mapped or investigated.

    ‘the deeper part of the basin is very underexplored’
    • ‘The country's coastal waters are unhealthy, underexplored, and poorly managed.’
    • ‘It is the underexplored regions that offer the most potential for new discoveries.’
    • ‘The country has abundant natural resources, a good deal of which remains underexplored.’
    • ‘Scientists have described a new species of small coral reef sea bass from underexplored deep-reef depths of Curacao, southern Caribbean.’
    • ‘This underexplored zone between 60 and 300m in the tropical southern Caribbean is revealing extraordinary biodiversity.’
    • ‘At least 441 new species of animals and plants have been discovered over a four year period in the vast, underexplored rainforest of the Amazon.’
    • ‘Northern Africa and the mid-Cretaceous are underexplored and underrepresented in paleontology.’
    • ‘We look forward to working with Bengal to further unlock the potential of this underexplored area of the Cooper Basin.’
    • ‘The basins in this underexplored region are about to see a step-up in activity.’
    • ‘Mexico's deepwater is underexplored compared to the U.S. side of the Gulf of Mexico.’
    • ‘Large parts of the area remain underexplored and poorly understood.’
    • ‘Historically the area is underexplored and is undergoing a resurgence in exploration.’
    • ‘It doesn't take long for once underexplored areas to become popular as the word gets out.’
    1. 1.1Inadequately evaluated or examined.
      ‘patients' experiences of these errors are underexplored’
      • ‘The problems between the couple are underexplored.’
      • ‘Most of the character arcs are underexplored.’
      • ‘Foreign-language films remain an underexplored resource.’
      • ‘Translation is still an underexplored activity within this discipline.’
      • ‘This field is still extremely underexplored.’
      • ‘It's a largely underexplored area that offers the potential to alleviate pain and improve brain functionality.’
      • ‘Are there aspects of the situation that remain underexplored, stones that remain unturned?’
      • ‘The most interesting question it raises is about who exactly is the underdog in this kind of story, an aspect that is underexplored.’
      • ‘Children's obligation to their parents is an underexplored subject in fiction.’
      • ‘The themes of colonialism and exoticism are also sadly underexplored.’



/ˌəndərikˈsplôrd/ /ˌəndərɪkˈsplɔrd/