Definition of underhanded in English:


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  • Acting or done in a secret or dishonest way.

    ‘an underhanded method of snatching clients from rivals’
    • ‘There had to be a hidden secret, underhanded or malign.’
    • ‘I've had four years of his sneaky, underhanded, dirty ways.’
    • ‘I use underhanded methods in order to accomplish good things.’
    • ‘There was always a hint that he was being underhanded, sneaky.’
    • ‘The film has three slackers riding their way through college on scams, cheats and underhanded stunts.’
    • ‘Alright, so it was a rather underhanded method of extracting the truth.’
    • ‘I remembered, with a sense of irony, the distaste I had had for such underhanded methods.’
    • ‘There was nothing underhanded or secretive about this at all.’
    • ‘Stacy's deceit is never very funny or amusing - it's just sneaky and underhanded.’
    • ‘He was merciless, cruel, underhanded, dirty, and brutal to his enemies.’
    • ‘Although their values are similar to my own, doesn't their method of getting laws passed seem a little underhanded?’
    • ‘Doug and I came up with a sneaky, underhanded and brilliant plan which kept us strong and under little pressure for the first three years.’
    • ‘He'd done a lot of things that could be considered underhanded, even duplicitous.’
    • ‘However, I feel that this should be the final act in our war of dirty, underhanded tricks.’
    • ‘This man was underhanded and sneaky, preferring to let others do the fighting for him.’
    • ‘Griffith and Viya both used such immoral, underhanded tactics to achieve what they wanted.’
    • ‘It always seems to me a kind of spiteful and devious and underhanded sort of job.’
    • ‘Surely, the activists will not stop until they have tried every means, no matter how underhanded, to get their way all across the country.’
    • ‘He told us that despite the delay and some confusion, there was nothing improper or underhanded about how events unfolded.’
    • ‘They have been underhanded and they have used cheap media ploys.’



/ˌəndərˈhandəd/ /ˌəndərˈhændəd/