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‘In economics terms, there was substantial underinvestment, because the multiple beneficiaries of education meant that even those who could pay for it had a lower incentive to do so.’
  • ‘The train system is a mess, as is the hospital and education system, due to years of underinvestment and a focus on managing perception rather than dealing with reality.’
  • ‘In short, the document proposes that taxpayers should not be expected to pay for years of underinvestment in a way that is unfair and hits those least able to pay most.’
  • ‘Firstly a chronic underinvestment in the infrastructure has resulted from falling supplier prices in the deregulated electricity market place.’
  • ‘The trains are in disrepair after years of underinvestment.’



/ˌəndərinˈves(t)mənt/ /ˌəndərɪnˈvɛs(t)mənt/