Definition of underlayment in English:



  • A layer between a subfloor and a finished floor that facilitates leveling and adhesion.

    ‘the underlayment may be of hardboard or particle board of various thicknesses’
    • ‘These products include particleboard used as flooring underlayment, shelves, cabinets, and furniture; hardwood plywood wall panels; and medium density fiberboard used in drawers, cabinets and furniture.’
    • ‘Particleboard is made with resins that contain a form of formaldehyde and is found in manufactured home sub-floors, underlayment, cabinets, built-ins, shelving and many other areas.’
    • ‘To undercut the door jam, lay a piece of scrap flooring on the underlayment and using that as a guide, saw off the bottom the door jam so the plank will fit.’
    • ‘Hopefully they did not do anything silly like glue the underlayment to the hardwood flooring.’
    • ‘Manufacturers of underlayments, floor coverings, flooring adhesives, and concrete finishing equipment were represented as well.’
    • ‘Loose nails or inadequate nailing allow the wood (either the sheathing / underlayment panels or the finish flooring) to move.’
    • ‘If, however, the floor is off level, you will need to fill in the low areas before the underlayment is applied, to create a level floor.’
    • ‘Never use the foam underlayment with moisture barrier on wood floors or wood subfloors.’
    • ‘Insulated cast iron plumbing - instead of PVC - provides greater sound control, and because everyone wants wood floors these days, he specs a cork underlayment to squelch footsteps.’
    • ‘If you are installing a new underlayment, it's recommended that you staple polyethylene plastic on top of the subfloor before you install the underlayment to ensure protection from water penetrating down to the subfloor.’
    • ‘For other floors, lay the foam underlayment in the same direction the planks will be laid and butt the edges.’
    • ‘Vinyl floors are typically laid over particleboard underlayment, which absorbs water like a sponge and then swells up.’
    • ‘If the floor is concrete lay out the foam underlayment with moisture barrier with the membrane flap extended out onto the sub floor.’
    • ‘The body of the floor rests unattached to an appropriate underlayment.’
    • ‘Does the roofing project include the replacement of underlayment sheathing, is there an allowance for it, or will it be a change order at the end of the job because the contractor specifically excluded it from his contract?’
    • ‘Get yourself some thin spread adhesive and a 1/32 notch trowel and use that, the self stick tile are cheap and the glue is iffy at best so use that for insurance and you won't have the problem of the tile not sticking to the new underlayment.’
    • ‘In some instances, even when substantial areas have suffered from neglect, tiles can be removed, flashings and underlayment repaired, and the tiles reinstalled with new tiles placed in areas where they are less visible.’
    • ‘If you need to re-roof your home, remember that the key to a long roof life is the right combination of underlayment, ventilation, insulation and shingles.’
    • ‘Repair any tears in the underlayment with duct tape.’
    • ‘The deck is made up of three layers with an oak road bed, what I would call the underlayment, that looks like four by eight foot sheets of plywood.’



/ˌəndərˈlāmənt/ /ˌəndərˈleɪmənt/