Definition of underperformance in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈfôrməns/


See underperform

‘He added that the independent retail sector must continually invest in training and recognise areas of underperformance to increase profitability and business development.’
  • ‘In the end, the company's shareholders ended up paying the the price in the shape of a ‘conglomerate discount’ and long-term market underperformance.’
  • ‘The significant underperformance of the economy and the growing fiscal deficit suggests that balancing the budget will be the primary focus of the incoming government.’
  • ‘Failing to do so contributes to corrupt governance, and could contribute to share underperformance, something a prudent investor should wish to avoid.’
  • ‘The head teacher challenges underperformance in teaching and positively supports the professional development of all staff within the school’