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  • Below the sea or the surface of the sea.

    ‘undersea cables’
    • ‘Some of the salt in the oceans comes from undersea volcanoes and hydrothermal vents.’
    • ‘Hydrothermal vents result from undersea cracks in the earth's crust, which allow lava and hot fluids to seep out.’
    • ‘In Asia, the company's subsidiary owns undersea cables, fiber optic rings, and Web hosting centers in several cities.’
    • ‘The repair of the US-China undersea fibre optic cable, damaged Friday night for the second time in a month, was initiated Monday.’
    • ‘A company partly owned by the Indian government is buying a critical part of the world's undersea cable network.’
    • ‘Telephone companies first employed satellites to connect calls where there were no undersea cables.’
    • ‘By this stage the undersea cable from Java had reached Darwin and the northern tip of Australia was at last connected to the rest of the world.’
    • ‘Apparently an undersea cable connecting Shanghai to the US was severed.’
    • ‘The company claims that it is presently involved in almost every undersea cable route in the world.’
    • ‘Whatever the exact explanation, it is well known that not every undersea earthquake produces a tsunami.’
    • ‘A damaged undersea transatlantic cable is being blamed for causing havoc for Net and phone users in the UK last night.’
    • ‘The signals are transmitted either by satellite, microwave or by undersea cable.’
    • ‘He is talking about people laying undersea fibre optic cable, but the image is more general than that.’
    • ‘It was during this time that he began planning the creation of a new and very different submarine to be used in undersea research.’
    • ‘Some coral reefs - undersea gardens that act as shelter and nursery to a wide range of marine species - were crushed by the waves.’
    • ‘Marvels of integration, the reefs are like bustling undersea communities.’
    • ‘The ancient sponges provided much of the backbone of the undersea reef structures.’
    • ‘The beautiful coral reefs made the undersea world even more splendid and fantastic.’
    • ‘He was one of history's greatest explorers, whose thrilling undersea adventures introduced the wonders of the deep to millions.’
    • ‘Adventure tourism has entered the picture in recent years, with customers paying steep prices to visit the undersea wreck.’
    undersea, submarine, sub-aquatic, subaqueous



/ˌəndərˈsē/ /ˌəndərˈsi/