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the undersigned
  • Whose signature is appended.

    ‘we, the undersigned, wish to protest the current activities of the company’
    • ‘We the undersigned wish to appeal to the sensibilities and careful deliberations of other County Councillors throughout County Sligo when considering this issue at a later date.’
    • ‘We, the undersigned, wish to express to you our grave concern about the ongoing and unrelenting nature of the crisis in the country.’
    • ‘Please contact the undersigned should you have any questions.’
    • ‘The pledge reads: ‘We, the undersigned, recognize that climate change is a serious global challenge, and that action to mitigate it must be taken by individuals.’’
    • ‘Please do not hesitate to contact any of the above or the undersigned should you require any further assistance.’
    • ‘Beyond this no further works should be undertaken without prior written authority from the undersigned, unless on the grounds of immediate safety.’
    • ‘I will send two fully numbered copies for you to sign under seal and return to the undersigned.’
    • ‘This loan is payable in full on demand in the event of the sale of the house at 34 Blandford St. by the undersigned.’
    • ‘Should you have any questions regarding our willingness to sell or any terms or conditions, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.’
    • ‘We the undersigned live in the area around Newchurch village and support the right to peaceful protest.’
    • ‘We, the undersigned, commonly agree to share without prejudice or preference, all profits and/or income accruing from the sale, lease or performance of the aforementioned game show.’
    • ‘We the undersigned demand that this Government take action to protect our children.’



/ˈəndərˌsīnd/ /ˈəndərˌsaɪnd/