Definition of underuse in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈyo͞oz/ /ˌəndərˈjuz/ /ˌəndərˈyo͞os/ /ˌəndərˈjus/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Use (something) too little.

    ‘farmers underuse the fertilizers’
    • ‘The council car park is an excellent but underused facility.’
    • ‘The trust claims both units are underused and costly to run but have not yet released detailed information about how much would be saved in closing the units.’
    • ‘What if a medication is underused or overused by the person for whom it's intended and there's a bad outcome?’
    • ‘The council maintains that the car park is underused and that it must maximise its use of its assets by disposing of those which are not being fully utilised.’
    • ‘Similarly, public consultations in the planning process are often underused by citizens.’
    • ‘The trust argued that both units were underused and closing them would save around £318,000 a year.’
    • ‘He said it was up to developers, not the community, to show a centre was underused and that there were viable alternatives.’
    • ‘He sees football and the culture of competition as underused resources.’
    • ‘Croydon Council says the car park is underused and no longer viable to maintain.’
    • ‘For example, one area where systems are vastly underused is in the diagnostics of maintenance problems.’
    • ‘The author of this article contends that handheld devices are underused in the nursing profession.’
    • ‘If policies are underused, administrators have little impetus to expand them.’
    • ‘Both audio options are impressive, though the surround channels are underused.’
    • ‘He once again proves himself to be the most fully realized but underused comedic talent in tinseltown.’
    • ‘It's a shame that his character is underused, since his performance is a quietly engaging one.’
    • ‘In the basement, there were several large bathrooms and underused mechanical areas.’
    • ‘She obviously has talent, but it is underused and underdeveloped here.’
    • ‘The first step is to becoming aware of the smaller, underused balance muscles.’
    • ‘Agents dedicated to one type of work became bored and many agents were underusing their skills.’
    • ‘Once a popular dancing venue, it has been underused for years, and the Tourist Information Centre on the ground floor is planning to move away.’


  • Insufficient use.

    ‘underuse of existing services’
    • ‘If an auto tempts you then check it well, particularly on low-mileage examples, which can suffer more from underuse than overuse.’
    • ‘A lack of health knowledge has been associated with underuse of health care and with unhealthy behaviors, such as not using sun protection and engaging in unsafe sex practices.’
    • ‘The results also suggest that DTC [direct to consumer] advertising may have competing effects on quality, potentially averting underuse, while also promoting overuse.’
    • ‘The interesting fact that emerges from the research into this problem is that there are two main reasons for the emerging drug resistance - underuse and overuse.’
    • ‘There is also significant underuse of preventive treatments.’
    • ‘This difficulty in performing the required calculations probably explains their underuse in general practice.’
    • ‘The spread of resistance is being fuelled by both underuse and overuse of drugs.’
    • ‘Critics have to play the CD over and over, listening for an out-of-tune piano, overuse of a particular melody, underuse of a particular musician - the list goes on and on.’
    • ‘However, older adults typically underuse these services.’
    • ‘Another finding was that the newness of the technology contributed to the staff's underuse of some equipment.’
    • ‘When you have strong quads, you tend to rely heavily on them, and you probably underuse your glutes for weight training, athletic activity and general mobility.’
    • ‘He also says his discomfort last season was a big reason for timing problems with the offensive line, the lack of an effective running game and the underuse of a solid group of receivers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, numerous studies have found that faculty typically underuse work-family policies.’
    • ‘Another factor that contributes to the underuse of system capabilities is a lack of planning.’