Definition of underweight in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈwāt/ /ˌəndərˈweɪt/

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  • 1Below a weight considered normal or desirable.

    • ‘he was thirty pounds underweight’
    slim, lean, slender, rangy, willowy, svelte, sylphlike, spare, slight
  • 2Finance
    Having less investment in a particular area than is normal or desirable.

    ‘the company is still underweight in Japan’
    • ‘Investors worldwide are underweight in European equities.’
    • ‘The firm lowered its rating to underweight from neutral.’
    • ‘For some, an 8% allocation may be underweight.’
    • ‘The data also showed that investors are still underweight the UK, despite the fresh surge of interest.’
    • ‘These sectors were massively underweight by investors coming into last year's fourth quarter.’
    • ‘This is also the main reason why we've been underweight US small caps since July 2018.’
    • ‘We're underweight in malls because of technology's impact on them.’
    • ‘The firm downgraded the stock to underweight from equal weight.’
    • ‘My portfolio is underweight in emerging Europe.’
    • ‘We've been underweight in the technology stocks.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Apply too little weight to.

    ‘we feared the hot-air balloon had been underweighted’
    • ‘clinicians tend to overweight parent and underweight child information when deriving diagnoses’
    • ‘For such a strategy, an investor makes a forecast on an asset class or sector and overweights or underweights it accordingly.’
    • ‘Others target specific stocks that are in an index, overweighting those they think are especially undervalued and underweighting those thought to be too dear.’
    • ‘But in the longer term there are supportive arguments for not aggressively underweighting the sector.’
    • ‘Diving underweighted can lead to buoyant ascents at the end of the dive, so I am not advocating that everyone knocks a couple of kilos off the next time they dive.’
    • ‘In market parlance, they overweight the most recent information and underweight the information that came before.’
    • ‘The second question posed in this study asked whether groups composed of experienced individuals underweight base rate data.’
    • ‘The first question posed in this research asked whether individual HR managers would underweight base rate data.’
    • ‘Then you would underweight technology stocks?’
    • ‘You might run your car underweight and then chose to put weight in different places.’
    1. 1.1Finance Invest in (a market sector, industry, etc.) to a lesser than normal degree.
      ‘there are only a few sectors that are more underweighted by investors’
      • ‘underweighted assets’
      • ‘One way of beating indices is by overweighting or underweighting certain stocks.’
      • ‘Since the investment thesis recommends underweighting preferred equities, the primary risk stems from economic stagnation.’
      • ‘Does underweighting telecom and metals make for beating the index?’
      • ‘You can sell investments from overweighted categories to buy more from underweighted categories.’
      • ‘I think most people are probably underweighted in private equity.’
      • ‘The US and emerging markets were especially underweighted.’
      • ‘A net 42 percent of regional fund managers now intend to underweight the U.K.’
      • ‘Investors with shorter time horizons may want to consider underweighting emerging market stocks.’
      • ‘We are favoring overweighting the low-risk rating shares and underweighting the high-risk rating shares.’
      • ‘There are also only few sectors that are more underweighted by investors.’


  • Insufficient weight.

    ‘thinness and underweight may be a physical quality that you and I share’
    • ‘We used these early data together with information collected on cohort members at the age of 50 to explore the effects of childhood obesity and underweight on adult obesity and risk factors for disease.’
    • ‘Childhood undernutrition, defined as underweight or low-weight-for-age, is the leading risk factor contributing to the global burden of disease.’
    • ‘They are just disqualified from the show ring because of underweight or overweight.’
    • ‘One in ten parents expressed some concern about underweight in normal weight children.’