Definition of underwhelm in English:


transitive verb

[with object] humorous
  • usually be underwhelmedFail to impress or make a positive impact on (someone); disappoint.

    ‘investors seemed underwhelmed by the company's turnaround plan’
    • ‘It had been a year since the last time I ventured in, however, and when I ate here last month, I must confess I was underwhelmed by the experience.’
    • ‘I get the distinct impression Adam wanted me to be elated; I'm underwhelmed.’
    • ‘I was rather underwhelmed by his responses, and disappointed that I didn't feel more challenged.’
    • ‘The film didn't disappoint me - there are too many great lines and nice little moments to make the film a disappointment - but it did underwhelm me.’
    • ‘Initially, I was underwhelmed to say the least.’
    • ‘Reviewing the Senator's own proposals, however, I'm thoroughly underwhelmed.’
    • ‘So I was distinctly underwhelmed when a colleague smugly confided that he was a dream date ‘because he cook’.’
    • ‘Like most people, I don't have huge objections to the budget, but I'm also underwhelmed by it.’
    • ‘I was underwhelmed frankly, but then I am a bad tempered old cow.’
    • ‘In the end, even some of the delegates were underwhelmed by the outcome.’
    • ‘I found it amusing, but as in mildly; and I was underwhelmed by the music.’
    • ‘Although there were a couple of surprises I was still underwhelmed.’
    • ‘I hate to be the first to say it but I was really underwhelmed by this film.’
    • ‘I was underwhelmed by the sauce and felt it lacked any real garlic punch.’
    • ‘I was underwhelmed, but if you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you like.’
    • ‘His second reaction is to look distinctly underwhelmed by it all.’
    • ‘Some analysts were underwhelmed, suggesting that because of the joint marketing, there would be little scope for significant cost-savings.’
    • ‘I suppose I should be excited but like most people, I suspect, I'd have to admit to being somewhat underwhelmed.’
    • ‘But while most audiences loved the movies, critics were underwhelmed.’
    • ‘Strangely enough most business people seemed to be somewhat underwhelmed by his package of adjustments to excise duties on fuel, booze and vehicles.’
    unsatisfactory, inadequate, insufficient, unworthy, substandard, not good enough



/ˌəndərˈ(h)welm/ /ˌəndərˈ(h)wɛlm/


1950s suggested by overwhelm.