Definition of undesignated in English:



  • Not officially appointed or specified.

    ‘Paul seemed to be an undesignated leader’
    • ‘stalls were illegally erected in undesignated areas’
    • ‘Officials have reiterated they would not recognise the results from the undesignated countries.’
    • ‘The number of informal traders who had their goods impounded for trading illegally in undesignated areas stands at 4 669.’
    • ‘What you don't have, however, is the ability to lead demonstrations and assemblies in undesignated areas.’
    • ‘The border opens at 0600 and he was crossing using an undesignated crossing point.’
    • ‘The final class covers hawkers who operate haphazardly as individuals from undesignated spaces.’
    • ‘But Boase said they are seeing significant environmental impact, like soil and vegetation degradation, from people walking through the undesignated trail.’
    • ‘The new chip in the series, as yet undesignated, is scheduled for availability in the third quarter of this year.’
    • ‘Consumption of alcoholic beverages at undesignated premises, at unauthorised times and sometimes by juveniles is wrecking the national foundation.’
    • ‘I kept trying to take the most direct route across verges and up embankments and over undesignated crossings.’
    • ‘If a church decides to tithe undesignated gifts, it is essential that they give such donations to ministries that share the same scope of mission.’



/ˌənˈdeziɡˌnādəd/ /ˌənˈdɛzɪɡˌneɪdəd/