Definition of undulant in English:


Pronunciation /ˈənjələnt/ /ˈəndʒələnt/ /ˈəndyələnt/ /ˈəndjələnt/


  • Having a rising and falling motion or appearance like that of waves; undulating.

    ‘Untreated, the fever becomes undulant (up for weeks and gone for weeks), patients spend three months in the hospital and 2% die.’
    • ‘I fin out into the undulant, pellucid sea to ‘just look.’’
    • ‘The tablets have the same dimensions, the same undulant surfaces and similar colors, but they are entirely different in tactility and visual weight.’
    undulating, surging, heaving, tossing, rippling, rising and falling, swelling


Mid 19th century from Latin undulant- ‘moving like a wave’, from the verb undulare.