Definition of uneasily in English:


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  • 1In a way that shows anxiety or discomfort.

    ‘I shifted uneasily in my seat’
    • ‘the men glanced uneasily at each other’
    • ‘He laughed uneasily as he explained the methodology.’
    • ‘When we arrived at the gate, we found several armed guards there, looking uneasily at our pack of escorts.’
    • ‘A few of the customers look up uneasily from their menus.’
    • ‘I wondered uneasily if the brakes were power assisted or not.’
    • ‘He glanced uneasily at Catherine's tightly clenched fist.’
  • 2In a way that is awkward or incongruous.

    ‘his personality sits uneasily with his origins’
    • ‘quite luxurious enclaves coexist uneasily with slums and ghettos’
    • ‘The range of provision was described as fragmentary, disjointed, and uneasily reliant on unpredictable, inadequate, or short-term funding streams.’
    • ‘The feudal origins of modern land law include rights and obligations that rest uneasily within 21st-century concepts of human rights.’
    • ‘It's a language that offers a safety valve against a discourse that oscillates uneasily between a strangulated avoidance of reality and an ugly violence.’
    • ‘His beliefs often clashed uneasily with his role as an employer of labour.’
    • ‘Its theatre run was uneasily slotted between Lady Windermere's Fan and The Second Mrs Tanqueray.’



/ˌənˈēzilē/ /ˌənˈizɪli/