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  • (of material for publication or broadcasting) not edited.

    ‘And is ABC crossing the line in choosing to broadcast a graphic, unedited war movie in prime time?’
    • ‘A splendid new DVD edition of the ‘Future’ trilogy provides access to the unedited films.’
    • ‘It was a perverse choice considering most radio stations would be unable to broadcast the unedited album version.’
    • ‘Many editors, of course, are skittish about the idea of unedited items going live on employee blogs.’
    • ‘It was bad enough that Buffy went out at 6.45 pm, but at least BBC Two now gave it a late-night repeat that was supposedly unedited.’
    • ‘The following is a raw and real account of the court room proceedings, unedited for final publication.’
    • ‘So the blogs provide a chance to see thought evolve in complete, unedited sentences over days, weeks, months.’
    • ‘After witnessing the debate about the tape's authenticity he asked to see the unedited version.’
    • ‘They begin to give me a one-on-one live and unedited version of ‘Let's Get Married’.’
    • ‘When living in Algeria, I listened to his religious broadcasts in Arabic - uncensored and unedited to appease western liberals.’
    • ‘For the moment, the Pentagon is refusing to release the unedited videotaping of Lynch's rescue.’
    • ‘It was anarchic, with news and footage pouring in unedited.’
    • ‘First, it brings the uncut and unedited horror home to people around the world who might otherwise shrug their shoulders.’
    • ‘Weblogs are web pages which provide unedited, highly opinionated personal commentary.’
    • ‘Real time news is immediate and relatively unedited (which is why it's so often wrong).’
    • ‘His personal diary is where you would really get the unedited Grant.’
    • ‘It was before the watershed though - maybe the unedited version was on later.’
    • ‘I should also point out that it appears that the book is unedited as there are many typos throughout the text, though this may be the typist's fault, I don't know.’
    • ‘The interview with the maestro is long-winded and unedited, as he rambles on about everything from his directorial technique to his upbringing.’
    • ‘As with my other notes, they're unedited and taken in the heat of battle.’
    in the flesh, personal, in person, actual



/ˌənˈedədəd/ /ˌənˈɛdədəd/