Definition of unevenly in English:


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  • 1In a manner that is not regular or consistent.

    ‘a staircase with unevenly spaced steps’
    • ‘Milo was lying on his back, breathing unevenly’
    • ‘With leather, which takes on colouring as unevenly as human skin takes on a suntan, the odds are even worse.’
    • ‘In the past, vendors were hesitant to sell low-profit milk in machines that were unevenly refrigerated.’
    • ‘The sheet of colored Plexiglas is unevenly spray-painted with an evanescent grey.’
    • ‘If you never rotate your tyres, they will wear unevenly, which will shorten the life of your tyres.’
    • ‘It consists of a central rod on which are spindled four unevenly spaced balls, creating the effect of a huge baby rattle.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is not equally balanced or distributed.
      ‘opportunities were unevenly spread around the country’
      • ‘unevenly matched opponents’
      • ‘the groups were unevenly sized’
      • ‘Organizational practices tend to diffuse unevenly throughout the world.’
      • ‘His theories had greatly influenced the thinking of American economists, but his theory of interest was received unevenly.’
      • ‘Rewards are distributed unevenly, especially in our networked world.’
      • ‘Panoptic modernity was always a global system that affected different parts of the world unevenly.’
      • ‘We are witnessing how this newly created finance is spread quite unevenly over the real economy—for example, housing versus manufacturing.’
  • 2In a way that is not level or smooth.

    ‘the former front garden has been unevenly concreted’
    • ‘The paperback cover is unevenly laminated to imitate broken glass, but so convincingly that the book looks damaged.’
    • ‘On the carpet opposite the turquoise walls, three massive blocks of unevenly cut styrofoam were supported by spindly two-by-fours.’
    • ‘Dense stone debris pitted the clay floor, which extends unevenly over the bedrock.’
    • ‘One of the street-hockey balls was unevenly textured.’
    • ‘The first divers down found the ship lying unevenly and had great difficulty in moving across the steeply sloping decks.’



/ˌənˈēv(ə)nlē/ /ˌənˈiv(ə)nli/