Definition of unevolved in English:



  • In a primitive or early stage of development.

    ‘relatively unevolved stars’
    • ‘Another very interesting and unusual observation is that no lithium could be detected in the relatively unevolved star.’
    • ‘I will create a new world, in my own image under my own power, and bring forth the next stage of evolution for our unevolved species.’
    • ‘It's actually less offensive for Williams to imply that our Founding Fathers were terrorists than it is for him to put them on a par with the bloodthirsty, unevolved barbarians who took over Iran in 1979.’
    • ‘He's unevolved and maybe not ready for the level of relationship he's involved in.’
    • ‘The soul chooses to remain in darkness, unevolved and unenlightened.’
    • ‘Notably, HE1327-2326 is not a giant but a dwarf or sub-giant star, meaning that it is comparatively unevolved.’
    • ‘Being unevolved, they are of the lower nature, instinctive, self-assertive, confused, possessive and protective of their immediate environment.’
    • ‘In this film, all the men except Gramp, McCrea's boss and Rogers' simpatico friend, are unevolved or uncaring.’
    • ‘Innovation at most companies is pursued with desperate, random acts or unevolved strategies; or it is so incremental and predictable that it isn't really innovation at all.’
    • ‘This line of flies became significantly better at learning than their unevolved cousins in a few dozen generations.’
    • ‘I was impatient with her politics and repulsed by her unevolved narcissism.’