Definition of unexcelled in English:



  • Better than any other examples of the same type; matchless.

    ‘as expositions of science these books are unexcelled’
    • ‘his unexcelled capacity for hard work’
    • ‘Thanks to the active noise reduction, the call quality is unexcelled in noisy locations.’
    • ‘The work was evidently intended to be a special monument to the unexcelled graphic mastery of its author.’
    • ‘The intermingling of the light from these various jewels produces a color unexcelled among all colors.’
    • ‘He left us these stories, unexcelled in accuracy and sympathy.’
    • ‘His knowledge of company law was unexcelled in the Isle of Man.’
    • ‘The Causeway also offers an unexcelled view of ships entering and leaving this seventh wonder of the world.’
    • ‘Its location is near the center of a scope of unexcelled farming land about twenty-five miles in diameter.’
    • ‘In the early '50s, after making a reputation for unexcelled gospel singing, the Louvins broadened their repertoire.’
    • ‘Never very numerous, they reached this commanding position by an incisive and unexcelled diplomacy.’
    • ‘His performances were unexcelled either by his predecessors or his successors.’



/ˌənˌekˈseld/ /ˌənˌɛkˈsɛld/