Definition of unfilmable in English:



  • (especially of a novel) not suitable to be adapted for a movie.

    ‘the trilogy was once considered unfilmable’
    • ‘Gravity's Rainbow, for instance, is surely the most unfilmable of novels.’
    • ‘His violent examination of the world of the 1980s was thought to be unfilmable.’
    • ‘In 1995, this material - long considered unfilmable - was finally made into a movie of the same title, The Basketball Diaries.’
    • ‘He also acknowledges Jordan's ability to adapt books most folk regard as unfilmable.’
    • ‘Peter Jackson undertook what seemed like a fool's errand and dared to film the unfilmable.’
    • ‘'Bloom' is the latest film adaptation by Sean Walsh of James Joyce's reputedly unfilmable masterpiece "Ulysses".’
    • ‘A lot of people in Hollywood considered The Jacket an unfilmable screenplay.’
    • ‘In some of them, he does discard the whole idea as unfilmable, which obviously would mean it would never get made.’
    • ‘An examination of Bresson's stylistic decisions shows how he transformed Georges Bernanos's classic but apparently unfilmable novel into a credible and deeply affecting movie.’
    • ‘Does anyone actually know why Gilliam said it was unfilmable?’
    • ‘While Variety noted that it was ' an intelligent adaptation of Philip Roth's arguably unfilmable novel '.’
    • ‘How do you make a film from a novel that is unfilmable?’
    • ‘Now just stop and consider the tens of thousands of elements screaming for Peter Jackson's attention as he tries to pull together this unfilmable mess.’
    • ‘Firstly, Hollywood, in face of a lucrative three-part franchise, has finally caught up with its prejudice and reverence towards the "unfilmable" book.’
    • ‘Given that I believed The Perfect Storm to be unfilmable, I approached the motion picture with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism.’
    • ‘To bring what was commonly regarded as an unfilmable book to screen, Harron has understandably had to dilute Ellis' uncompromising vision, but the film's strengths lie elsewhere.’
    • ‘Those who claimed Watchmen was unfilmable may have been right, if you're accepting the usual rules of filmmaking.’
    • ‘Throughout the film, Mettler asks directly: how do you speak the unspeakable, describe the indescribable, and more precisely, film the unfilmable?’
    • ‘He joins Fred Schepisi and Lasse Hallstrom in that not-so-exclusive club of directors scared off by the book's growing reputation as unfilmable.’
    • ‘Moore is the creator of such classics as The Watchmen, V is for Vendetta and From Hell, all but one of which has, as of yet, proven unfilmable.’



/ˌənˈfilməbəl/ /ˌənˈfɪlməbəl/