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  • Not fitting or suitable; unbecoming.

    ‘certain occupations were held unfitting for baptized believers’
    • ‘There's something not quite unfitting about Microsoft relocating people to Europe's last dictatorship.’
    • ‘The remote village in Nalgonda district is an almost unfitting backdrop for the swank school building.’
    • ‘Perhaps Masaccio inserted the least creditable event in St Julian's life as a warning against reckless anger, yet it seems unfitting in an altarpiece partly in the saint's honour.’
    • ‘In Kyoto, the traditionalists fought against his design as unfitting for Japan's ancient spiritual center.’
    • ‘It was a tawdry and unfitting end, for both sides.’
    • ‘The traditional, elaborate individual memorialisation of death was seen as unfitting, over the top and irrelevant.’
    • ‘This is why many of my people see humans as unfitting leaders.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, it seems that the millennia-old roundhouse, within the course of a single century, came to be seen as socially unfitting, and that everyone who could, rebuilt their houses in an altogether new way.’
    • ‘It's an unfitting end to Catlett's 30-year career.’
    • ‘It seemed so unfitting, such beauty residing here.’
    • ‘He was a warrior, but there was something overwhelmingly human, and somewhat unfitting, about his noticeably large heart.’
    • ‘It seems unfitting as a gift from one stranger to another.’
    • ‘Jinx grew up knowing that Sir Irwin cared for him, and that most other humans thought it strange and unfitting for a knight to keep such a pet.’
    • ‘The youth groups planned to ‘sweep’ books they deem unfitting from bookstore shelves and destroy them.’
    • ‘But it was like a glowing reminder of the beautiful boy who'd once worn it so proudly, an unfitting tribute to all that the world had lost.’
    • ‘Quickly shaking my head, I tried to throw those unfitting thoughts out of my head.’
    • ‘These personal attacks are unfitting for a president, and unacceptable for a world leader.’
    • ‘It's barbaric and unfitting of a young lady like you.’
    • ‘That is a most unfitting name for such a wonderful beast.’
    unsuitable, unfitting, ill-suited, unseemly, unbecoming, unprofessional, unfit, unbefitting, indecorous, improper, lacking in propriety, ungentlemanly, unladylike



/ˌənˈfidiNG/ /ˌənˈfɪdɪŋ/