Definition of unfixed in English:



  • 1Not fixed in a definite place or position; unfastened or loose.

    ‘the green cloth cover had become unfixed in a dozen places’
    • ‘I ran to the bus stop hair loose, necktie unfolded and an open and unfixed bag.’
    • ‘His unfixed gaze shifted to Joy but he seemed to be looking past her.’
    • ‘The cut surface of the unfixed liver may also appear relatively normal, until closely inspected with a magnifying lens.’
    • ‘She ignored the mess on her bed and left the bed covers unfixed.’
    in motion, operating, operational, working, going, on the move, active
  • 2Uncertain or variable.

    ‘motives in that play seem unfixed’
    • ‘The ‘queer fantasy’ that the film offers is thus that of a world in which desire and masculine identity are fluid, unfixed, and endlessly remakable, while femininity is pathologized through parody.’
    • ‘Even tribal affiliations appear unfixed and mutable, as an otherwise minor character, serves to emphasize with his vague background.’
    • ‘This sense of cinema as fluid and unfixed runs counter to the idea of cinema as an unchanging arena of masterpieces and failures and is considerably more liberating for the historian.’
    • ‘The other way of looking at things is to keep everything fluid and unfixed - no definitive versions, but a kitset of parts for endless remixing.’
    • ‘A man of many unfixed addresses, he was there to speak at South by Southwest, the well-known annual music, movies, and technology conference.’
    • ‘Since the Impressionists were themselves an unfixed point, the Wallace Collection's Road to Impressionism is necessarily a vague track.’
    • ‘But the process here is of unmasking: even though we're irritated and anxious, we're moving closer to seeing the true unfixed nature of mind.’
    • ‘Engineers, foremen, surveyors and labourers typically tend to circulate between the main industry players on daily, weekly, monthly and unfixed contracts.’
    • ‘The nature of the pension is something which is payable over an unfixed number of years.’
    variable, inconstant, varying, changing, shifting, fluctuating, irregular, erratic, wavering, vacillating, inconsistent, fluid, floating, unsteady, unfixed, uneven, unstable, unsettled, turbulent, movable, mutable, chameleon-like



/ˌənˈfikst/ /ˌənˈfɪkst/