Definition of unflawed in English:



  • Having no weaknesses or imperfections; perfect.

    ‘her unflawed skin’
    • ‘his English was unflawed’
    • ‘"The pay rise is based on research which hasn't been questioned and is completely unflawed."’
    • ‘There's no unflawed character to easily identify with, no camera pyrotechnics or special effects, and no neat ending.’
    • ‘Their importance lies not in their practical use but in their exceptionally skilled carving, the unflawed quality of the stone, and the elegant calligraphy of their inscriptions.’
    • ‘I remembered his unflawed skin, the clean grace of his bones and sinews.’
    • ‘Wood is graded on the number of flaws in a board, not the strength or appearance of the unflawed portions.’
    • ‘Unflawed single crystals must consist of atoms or molecules arranged in such a way as to fill space.’
    • ‘I will see myself in his eyes, a perfect version of myself, unflawed outside and in.’
    • ‘Sure, it's within a flawed ouevre, but find me any great thinker with an unflawed oeuvre.’
    • ‘I'm happy to see improvements to an already unflawed product.’
    • ‘Choose bright green, unflawed pods - smaller are sweeter.’



/ˌənˈflôd/ /ˌənˈflɔd/