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  • Not showing fear or hesitation in the face of danger or difficulty.

    ‘he has shown unflinching determination throughout the campaign’
    • ‘Yet, her iron will and unflinching commitment put her on the top.’
    • ‘Hunter is unflinching in her commitment to telling a persuasive story, but she is a romantic too.’
    • ‘Patel looked Michael square in the eye with unflinching resolve.’
    • ‘Guest's camera captures all of these things with unblinking, unflinching honesty.’
    • ‘Show mercy to the obedient, and unflinching resolve and force to the rebellious.’
    • ‘It is amazing to see the couple's unflinching courage against all odds.’
    • ‘He had once more affirmed its unflinching commitment to truth and justice above all else.’
    • ‘Her hair strayed like a dark veil in the night wind as she faced the knights with unflinching courage.’
    • ‘The young do not seem to be as determined and unflinching as we were when we were in our teens.’
    • ‘Throughout his writing life, Amis stuck to an unflinching schedule of 500 words each day.’
    • ‘Resolution is an intelligent and unflinching confrontation with the murkier side of human nature.’
    • ‘His rationale is unflinching, it is all about standards.’
    • ‘But the steps taken to resuscitate the bank were swift and unflinching.’
    • ‘Eschewing cheap sentimentality, it casts an unflinching, but compassionate eye over the unpredictability of real life.’
    • ‘But he was unflinching in his reasons for defying party managers.’
    • ‘The gentle nostalgic style of his etchings contrast with his unflinching observation of modern urban and domestic landscapes.’
    • ‘Hughes offers no cosy assessment of child or adult, yet is unflinching in his acceptance of their capacity for good and evil.’
    • ‘However, David has praised Americans for respecting their sporting heroes and their unflinching patriotism.’
    • ‘He laid out, I think, in very unflinching terms what he saw as challenges facing the church.’
    • ‘He placed trust in his deep unflinching faith to carry him through.’
    resolute, determined, single-minded, dogged, decided, resolved, firm, persistent, persevering, committed, unshrinking, unshakeable, steady, unwavering, unblinking, immoveable, unflagging, unswerving, unfaltering, untiring, undaunted, fearless, courageous, stalwart
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/ˌənˈflin(t)SHiNG/ /ˌənˈflɪn(t)ʃɪŋ/