Definition of unfortified in English:


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  • 1Not fortified against attack.

    ‘there seems to have been an unfortified village on the site’
    • ‘They left France's frontier with Belgium unfortified, and the assumption was that the Germans would attack, as in 1914, through north and central Belgium.’
    • ‘Each tribe encompassed a number of neighboring villages, most of which during the fifth century were unfortified.’
    • ‘If the electrical power lines to a plant were cut, the reactor would automatically shut down unless relatively unfortified backup generators were disabled.’
    • ‘Worn out, he retired to Cardross, his quiet, thatched, unfortified summer hall on the Clyde, and sailed and fished like the Celtic forebears he was careful to acknowledge.’
    • ‘These factories were to serve as unfortified commercial establishments, and the French renounced all acquisitions outside their confines.’
    • ‘The best Red Army units were foolishly positioned on the unfortified frontier, where they were overrun.’
    • ‘Buddhism suffered greatly from these raids, since its unfortified monasteries offered easy pickings.’
    in danger, in peril, in jeopardy, at risk, endangered, unsafe, unprotected, ill-protected, unguarded
  • 2(of food) without added nutritional supplements.

    • ‘check with your doctor if you are giving your baby an unfortified formula’



/ˌənˈfôrdəˌfīd/ /ˌənˈfɔrdəˌfaɪd/