Definition of unfunny in English:


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adjectiveadjective unfunnier, adjective unfunniest

  • (of something intended to be funny) not amusing.

    ‘a hideously unfunny spoof film’
    • ‘There were rotating head shots in the lobby, of all the funny and unfunny people that lived there.’
    • ‘Similarly, you can't make unfunny dialogue funny by repeating it over and over at increasing volume.’
    • ‘So, basically, funny films make your heart healthy and unfunny films make you unhealthy.’
    • ‘In my humble opinion, the ratio of unfunny to funny clips is about four to one.’
    • ‘Anyhow, the second of the funniest things that happened may also be the most unfunny of things that ever happened.’
    • ‘So funny it goes straight past into the realm of unfunny and right back through to being funny again.’
    • ‘I'd made peace with the completely unfunny nature of the film and its misguided attempts to be a grave mob story.’
    • ‘Not only is this film persistently unfunny, but it is consistently uninvolving.’
    • ‘The action in the Bond films is tired, the jokes are unfunny and the scripts rarely more than a hackneyed series of conventions and foolish plot twists.’
    • ‘I found the violent slapstick humour cruel and unfunny.’
    • ‘The show lacks spontaneity and has become unfunny, over-blown and full of its own self-importance.’
    • ‘On an unrelated note, what's worse, an unfunny comic or an ugly horse-toothed stripper?’
    • ‘One keeps banging his head against the seat, the other keeps making repetitive noises and a few more are laughing at something hideously unfunny.’
    • ‘His words were entirely unfunny and made perfect sense, though because of their condition they could not unravel what they actually meant.’
    • ‘If not, it's simply mystifying, as well as painfully unfunny.’
    • ‘The dialogue was so hopelessly unfunny that it boggles the mind.’
    • ‘It's 80 endless minutes of unfunny pratfalls, pointless chases and awful, awful songs.’
    • ‘Firstly, many comedians are totally unfunny in an interview situation.’
    • ‘Several people at this fine publication found the article upsetting, in poor taste, unfunny and absurd.’
    • ‘Probably the most effort that went into this tediously unfunny sequel is pondering how much money they were going to make.’



/ˌənˈfənē/ /ˌənˈfəni/