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‘In the immediate aftermath of a 1-0 home defeat, he then ungraciously criticised Liverpool's tactics in ‘just kicking the ball forward and hoping to get a break’.’
  • ‘When things are going well for them politically, they are unbearably arrogant, shoving it in everyone's faces, ungraciously lording it over all concerned.’
  • ‘Why indeed would Mr Francis leap so ungraciously at distortions and seek (albeit unsuccessfully) to damage my career and undermine my livelihood?’
  • ‘However, my speech would ungraciously make little reference to where the true credit lay, and, when I unveiled the plaque, it bore my name and not my predecessors.’
  • ‘Rather ungraciously he complained about this new son of his.’



/ˌənˈɡrāSHəslē/ /ˌənˈɡreɪʃəsli/