Definition of ungraciousness in English:



See ungracious

‘Never mind the spectacular ungraciousness of not giving his 2000 runningmate the courtesy of a phone call.’
  • ‘I was embarrassed by my ungraciousness, faced as I was with a bowl of such delicious noodles, giving off steam and sending off strong aromas.’
  • ‘In fact, that ungraciousness was what led to the birth of this young magician.’
  • ‘Given the ungraciousness of this approach, the response from Sargent was on the lower end of the nuclear scale.’
  • ‘The race was pretty dull, though enjoyable to see such ungraciousness in defeat for a change.’



/ˌənˈɡrāSHəsnəs/ /ˌənˈɡreɪʃəsnəs/