Definition of ungrateful in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənˈɡrātfəl/ /ˌənˈɡreɪtfəl/


  • 1Not feeling or showing gratitude.

    ‘she's so ungrateful for everything we do’
    • ‘How could I be so ungrateful when everything they had done had been in my own best interests?’
    • ‘I kept everything; it struck me as ungrateful to sell them at the time.’
    • ‘This isn't just about the above low-life, ungrateful repugnant creatures who participated in this display of idiocy.’
    • ‘To suggest that we, rather like some ungrateful children, don't want the new leisure centre in South Norwood is to deliberately mislead and distort our argument.’
    • ‘The story centers around a single mother's struggles and sacrifices to raise an ungrateful daughter who is ashamed of her mother's humble status.’
    • ‘You know, it may sound ungrateful, but I think it came too late.’
    • ‘And one of them is how fundamentally ungrateful we can be.’
    • ‘The precious little darlings soon become ungrateful little brats when they discover that Santa was on a budget and couldn't afford the most expensive toy in the universe.’
    • ‘He also accused the government of being ungrateful.’
    • ‘Though he may be humble, he's certainly not ungrateful.’
    • ‘I reckoned that after the recent spot of bother with his ungrateful workforce, he might appreciate someone of my stature gracing the fairways.’
    • ‘These selfish ungrateful wretches not only had the audacity to return Howard but compounded their sin by giving him a seemingly compliant Senate.’
    • ‘Not only did this make him appear ungrateful, it also made him appear like a 4th grader who can't follow directions.’
    • ‘But during the good times man generally is ungrateful to God.’
    • ‘Chaplin had not taken US citizenship and was seen in America as ungrateful for the prosperity that his successful career in the US had bestowed upon him.’
    • ‘I still don't think I have done anything outstanding yet, although I know that may sound bad or ungrateful because of the junior titles I have taken.’
    • ‘It really is outrageous - people are so ungrateful!’
    • ‘I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but my downstairs neighbor has been shoveling snow in front of our house for the past two and a half hours.’
    • ‘The hostility may seem both inaccurate and ungrateful.’
    unappreciative, unthankful, thankless, ungracious
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    1. 1.1Not pleasant or acceptable.
      ‘he turned to the ungrateful task of forming a police cordon’



/ˌənˈɡrātfəl/ /ˌənˈɡreɪtfəl/