Definition of ungreen in English:



  • 1(of a product or practice) harmful to the environment; not ecologically acceptable.

    ‘an ungreen commercial development’
    • ‘The first task, then, is to pinpoint the principal reason for France's ‘ungreen’ reputation, and to show why this reputation rests on a fundamental misconception.’
    • ‘So, if Apple is one of the ‘most ungreen tech companies,’ where's the evidence?’
    • ‘It really is probably the second most ungreen vehicle on the planet.’
    • ‘Tim picks 10 products so ungreen they make him seethe while Ed offers five American eco-nasties.’
    • ‘Oh the government could of course make all the ungreen things really expensive by taxes, but that would be like annoying for the little people like us.’
    1. 1.1(of a person or organization) not supporting protection of the environment.
      • ‘he is true-blue but ungreen’



/ˌənˈɡrēn/ /ˌənˈɡrin/