Definition of ungulate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəNGɡyələt/ /ˈəŋɡjələt/ /ˈəNGɡyəˌlāt/ /ˈəŋɡjəˌleɪt/

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  • A hoofed mammal.

    Former order Ungulata, now divided into two unrelated orders (see Artiodactyla and Perissodactyla)

    ‘Feeding mainly on small ungulates - roe deer, chamois and musk deer - lynx are capable of killing prey three to four times their own size, and in some parts of their range, they take large ungulates, including red deer and reindeer.’
    • ‘This group of ungulates includes horses, tapirs, and rhinos.’
    • ‘The taxa in this study vary in both size and degree of specialization; prey type ranges from the birds and lizards of small cats and mustelids to the larger ungulates favored by big cats.’
    • ‘Like many other wild ungulates, Bactrian camels live in social groups dominated by a single male, but I had no idea that a bull could control such a large harem.’
    • ‘Bighorn sheep and other large ungulates are highly dimorphic, with males being substantially larger than females, and variation in male reproductive success is also high in these species.’


Early 19th century from late Latin ungulatus, from Latin ungula ‘hoof’.