Definition of unhang in English:


transitive verbpast participle verb unhung

[with object] rare
  • Take down from a hanging position.

    ‘unhanging a Turner from the wall, he brought it to the table’
    • ‘When asked about the reasons of the exile, he stands up and unhangs a family photograph from the wall.’
    • ‘It was the young lord who showed the guest the family treasures, hanging and unhanging them from the wall and talking all the while.’
    • ‘Chains are a necessity there and Peters is constantly hanging and unhanging it.’
    • ‘A village woman, speaking of ghosts, said, ‘you can keep 'em out if you unhangs the door and puts it on the other way round.’’
    • ‘This cost is generally 50.00 euro for hanging or 75.00 euro for unhanging / repacking.’



/ˌənˈhaNG/ /ˌənˈhæŋ/