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often as complement
  • Not harmed; uninjured.

    ‘all the hostages were released unharmed’
    • ‘Miraculously, I believe, the vehicle remained intact and unharmed for nearly three weeks.’
    • ‘He remained, wallet intact, unharmed by so much as a single scratch or nip.’
    • ‘Luckily the pair were woken by the sound of the smoke alarm and escaped unharmed.’
    • ‘Thankfully the water quality has been relatively unharmed by this pollution.’
    • ‘He was released unharmed after being held captive for nine months.’
    • ‘She sustained bruising to the right hand side of her face and suffered from several scratches but was otherwise unharmed.’
    • ‘He said the man was not armed and was only a danger to himself, and added that the woman, believed to be from East Hull, was unharmed.’
    • ‘The 17 workers in the warehouse when the fire took hold at 6.30 am escaped unharmed.’
    • ‘Fortunately the terrified woman accelerated away, shaken but unharmed.’
    • ‘After a short distance, the driver was able to get out and run away unharmed while the thief climbed into the driving seat and drove off.’
    • ‘It was resolved when all hostages were released unharmed three weeks later.’
    • ‘No one knows if the 20 or so Western hostages still held by rebels will be released unharmed - or killed.’
    • ‘Yet, despite the tremendous odds against him, he passes through all the dangers unharmed.’
    • ‘This one was very scary, as the fall sent me rolling across three lanes of busy traffic, but both my bike and my person came out of it unharmed.’
    • ‘Other than a mild concussion and the bruise to his pride, we both walked away from the incident unharmed.’
    • ‘Police said the woman, too terrified to be named, was shocked and fearful of reprisals but otherwise unharmed.’
    • ‘Her ten-year-old son, who was riding a short distance ahead, was said to be badly shocked, but unharmed.’
    • ‘A specially designed pipe will allow eels to cross the weir unharmed.’
    • ‘Dueling continued for three hours and freedom fighters were returned unharmed.’
    • ‘He pointed out many Kerry people were in London and hoped they were unharmed.’
    uninjured, unhurt, unscathed, safe, safe and sound, alive and well, all right, fine, in one piece, without a scratch
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/ˌənˈhärmd/ /ˌənˈhɑrmd/