Definition of unhealthful in English:



  • Harmful to health.

    ‘radon can build up to unhealthful levels’
    • ‘Even with a seemingly endless June gloom - which keeps down temperatures and smog - area residents have inhaled unhealthful levels of pollution twice as often as last year, which was no fresh-air vacation.’
    • ‘Health officials have declared the air to be unhealthful.’
    • ‘Food and beverage companies are using television ads to entice children into eating massive amounts of unhealthful food, leading to a sharp increase in childhood obesity and diabetes, a national science advisory panel said yesterday.’
    • ‘People living in areas that scored highest on the sprawl scale reported the most problems, with the unhealthful effects appearing to disproportionately affect the poor and the elderly.’
    • ‘Average consumption of trans fatty acids - an unhealthful type of fat found in margarine, baked goods and many processed foods - also rose.’
    • ‘Apparently the manufacturers of these items feel that trans-fats are so unhealthful that consumers won't buy products that use them.’
    • ‘It's over-eating, eating unhealthful food, & the lack of exercise which heightens the probability of one getting fat.’
    • ‘Don't let corporations con you into eating and drinking unhealthful foods in crazy quantities.’
    • ‘He concluded first that common knowledge did not suggest that baking was unhealthful.’
    • ‘Instead of following a rigid plan, substitute an unhealthful habit for a better one.’
    • ‘However, the Supreme Court and lower courts held that states could use their police power to aid through legislation women, children, and men in especially unhealthful occupations such as underground mining.’
    • ‘A growing body of research has examined the relationship between reading magazines of this genre and the development of cognitions consistent with body image disturbance and unhealthful attitudes about food.’
    • ‘This biological process wasted food and, with expanding scientific knowledge of bacteria during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, began to be seen as unhealthful.’
    • ‘Although they offer powerful health benefits, monounsaturates and polyunsaturates are still fats and should be used sparingly, since they contain just as many calories as their unhealthful siblings.’
    • ‘Encourage kids to replace one unhealthful lunchbox item with a wholesome one; start a classroom garden; offer to arrange for chefs to visit your child's classroom for a cooking demonstration.’
    • ‘These unhealthful eating habits carried on into adulthood, and by the time I entered my mid-20s, I ate whatever my heart desired, without any thoughts about nutrition.’
    • ‘For example, colleagues and I have discovered that a substantial minority of Americans think of fat and salt as toxins, such that any amount of these necessary nutrients is considered unhealthful.’
    • ‘The more of these high-fiber, nutrient-rich foods you include in your meals, the less room you'll have for unhealthful high-calorie, low-nutrient fare.’
    • ‘Weight-conscious mothers beware: Counting your young daughter's calories - and your own - may lead her to develop unhealthful eating habits.’
    • ‘In addition, attention has been drawn to the importance of particular sexual behaviors - many of them unhealthful for both men and women - for the performance of masculinity.’



/ˌənˈhelTHfəl/ /ˌənˈhɛlθfəl/