Definition of unheedful in English:



  • Not noticing or paying attention.

    ‘I charged down the stairs, unheedful of the missing bannister’
    • ‘She went to him - she couldn't help it - and, unheedful of the water around her, offered him a steadying arm.’
    • ‘In its isolation the island has been as unheedful of tourists as it has been unspoiled.’
    • ‘People unaware or unheedful of warnings have suffered serious injuries-some fatal.’
    • ‘So why is our polity unheedful of the persistence of pervasive discrimination in our own midst, ask global solidarity networks.’
    • ‘Even while serving a Muslim army, he cannot afford to unheedful of this fact.’
    • ‘A religious person thus may be unheedful of a higher morality or civic sense, or may not even sense the morality involved in the situation.’
    • ‘He went about his work, unheedful of the jests, ungalled by his irons, unmindful of the groans and laughter about him.’
    • ‘Naturally, his methods are unorthodox, being unheedful of proper procedure.’
    • ‘It is this spirit of respect for individual merit, unheedful of background or breeding, which sets us apart from the rest of the world and makes us great.’
    • ‘And the jackdaw, unheedful, sought to roost the forbidden bough, though hands reached out in anguish and the world hushed.’
    • ‘And SOLOMON answered and said unto him, ‘My lord, I beseech thee, I would ask thee one question; be not unheedful of my cry.’’
    • ‘Whilst making a desperate rush after one, cap in hand, and all too unheedful of the obstacles lying in my path, I struck the toes of my bootless left foot against a thin slab of earthfast stone, which stood edge-on and straight up.’
    • ‘Seldom in waking hours without books or spoken argument exerting upon his wheeling brain, yet at the helm of his boat, braced for day-long hours, he would stand rapt in healthful ecstasy of sheer being, lord of life and the harnessed powers - of nature, unheedful of physical strain, his own hand directing fate.’
    • ‘Perhaps new television spots could show that children can be distracted from courses of action that fathers don't approve of - that confrontation is therefore an inferior response to an unheedful child.’
    • ‘Only a portion of even the best trees are suitable for fine bows, and woodcutters in the forests, unheedful of conservation and unschooled in craftspeople's needs, have been known to fell tree after tree before finding one containing usable wood.’
    • ‘It offers both visual, abstract and conceptually narrative productions and playful, visual theatre, in which the unheedful spectator, to the general hilarity of the audience, suddenly finds him/herself participating in the spectacle.’
    • ‘And do thou (O reader!) bring thy Lord to remembrance in thy soul with humility and in reverence without loudness in words in the mornings and evenings; and be not thou of those who are unheedful.’



/ˌənˈhēdfəl/ /ˌənˈhidfəl/