Definition of unhesitating in English:


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  • Without doubt or hesitation; immediate.

    ‘unequivocal and unhesitating condemnation’
    • ‘Coupled with the principle of consultative government is the principle of firm resolution and unhesitating implementation of discipline adopted after consultations.’
    • ‘When asked, after they handed their Skyfame collection over to the new Imperial War Museum at Duxford in 1978, what remained mostly in his mind apart from the aircraft, Peter's reply was unhesitating.’
    • ‘More specifically, as regards the relocation of its clients into urban Leeds, will there be an automatic, unhesitating public welcome, a warm empathising embrace?’
    • ‘I'm not an unhesitating fan of his - I believe that some of his positions on trade, for example, are wrong - but no one could deny that he possesses courage.’
    • ‘Ask him who has been the best pupil, however, and the answer is unhesitating.’
    • ‘‘Without question,’ is the unhesitating answer.’
    • ‘In rapid succession, the minister exposes her ignorance, selfishness, incompetence, and unhesitating willingness to deceive the British public.’
    • ‘When I make an unhesitating pronouncement, implicitly representing myself as a knower, I am claiming the right to use what I have just said in further inferences and authorizing you to do the same.’
    • ‘I have always been quite unhesitating in saying that races do exist and that there are differences between them - and it is my view that anyone who says otherwise is deliberately blind.’
    • ‘But that simple, unhesitating answer surprised them.’
    • ‘‘Well, thank you,’ I say in a calm, unhesitating voice which totally opposes my feelings.’
    • ‘He uses refined colloquial language with a rhythm that is light and quick, an unhesitating flow that propels the poem and carries the reader.’
    • ‘In the experimentalist's lab or on the theorist's scribbling pad, unhesitating questioning of assumptions, dismissal of previous models or confidence in a naive approach have repeatedly proven successful.’
    • ‘His unhesitating shift in diplomatic strategy in response to the unfolding world situation demonstrates that his policy is driven by a clear sense of what is best for his country's national interests.’
    • ‘It's slow, but unhesitating, and it's bright not exuberant.’
    • ‘In addition, his unhesitating support for the players under him have seen him and his team bounce back always from setbacks, as was of course evident not so long ago in the World Cup.’
    • ‘Statements unfavourable to democracy are made with unhesitating confidence, and with the utmost bitterness of language.’
    • ‘The third movement is an unbroken, unhesitating ascent into Paradise, and the final movement finds us serenely lodged there.’
    • ‘My wingman provided the information at a critical moment, and his unhesitating decision to stay with me was the one that saved my aircraft.’
    • ‘And this time the answer that came was unhesitating, uncompromising, and unmoving.’
    determined, purposeful, purposive, resolved, decided, adamant, single-minded, firm, unswerving, unwavering, undaunted, fixed, set, intent, insistent



/ˌənˈhezəˌtādiNG/ /ˌənˈhɛzəˌteɪdɪŋ/