Definition of unhesitatingly in English:



See unhesitating

‘As for Gilbert, Bradman said that the five balls ‘were unhesitatingly faster than anything seen from Larwood or anyone else.’’
  • ‘I scanned the paper quickly and unhesitatingly signed on the bottom line.’
  • ‘Pawel, whom I already knew and liked and would unhesitatingly describe as a genius, was soon attached as director, and instantly brought a new sensibility to bear on the script.’
  • ‘Or is it because they hope they can relight that spark which once made their colleagues reach unhesitatingly for their cheque books.’
  • ‘I would unhesitatingly recommend him for any position for which degeneracy, extreme turpitude, blatant immorality and total disregard of ordinary decent standards are the prime requisites.’



/ˌənˈhezəˌtādiNGlē/ /ˌənˈhɛzəˌteɪdɪŋli/