Definition of unhistorical in English:



  • Not in accordance with history or with historical analysis.

    ‘there is a good deal of unhistorical thinking where the European Community is concerned’
    • ‘it is pointless and unhistorical to condemn the absence of democracy in the recruitment of diplomats’
    • ‘He was, you might say, a poet of the uncommonplace: a philosopher of the unphilosophical, a historian of the unhistorical and a politician of the unpolitical.’
    • ‘The realist view is also unhistorical according to Marxists.’
    • ‘Our utterly unhistorical and ignorant contemporary culture, so unable to imagine any history before the most recent edition of Windows, desperately needs to have contact with the past.’
    • ‘The preference for an authoritative judiciary over the ‘tyranny of temporal political majority’ sounds apolitical and unhistorical.’
    • ‘This is an unhistorical categorisation, which does not place these figures in their historical context and refuses to recognise that even the greatest thinkers of the period remained men of their time.’
    • ‘To claim that the film is reminiscent of ‘totalitarian’ propaganda is as silly as it is unhistorical - and anyway why should the devil have all the best tunes?’
    • ‘But no, he howls: ‘How wildly unhistorical, terribly nice and quite absurd!’’
    • ‘How wildly unhistorical, terribly nice and quite absurd!’
    • ‘And it's ignorant, unhistorical, an act of murderous pessimism.’
    • ‘Such a usage is ethically unacceptable, politically manipulative and decidedly unhistorical.’
    • ‘The red flag is gone; the unhistorical doctrine lives on.’
    • ‘Both groups are making unhistorical arguments that severely distort the cultural reality.’
    • ‘In her book she still defends the same dodgy, unhistorical methodology.’
    • ‘His suggestion that Europe could return to divisive nationalism was dismissed by many as alarmist and unhistorical.’
    • ‘How puerile, how unjust, how derivative, how bloody unhistorical can you get?’
    • ‘How can he be allowed to get away with such blatant, unhistorical nonsense?’
    • ‘Nor is it unhistorical; Turner was dead before Dickens wrote Hard Times, yet he not only became a major inspiration for Impressionism but in some ways went beyond it.’
    • ‘Nowhere in his presentation does he forget about the plight of the animals, but fortunately, this does not lead him to formulate unhistorical postulates.’
    • ‘For example, those who suggest that Mr Haughey's restoration throughout the 1970s was inevitable and that his election as party leader was a foregone conclusion for a long time before it happened, are being simply unhistorical.’
    • ‘What Burke argued passionately against, by contrast, was the French Revolution and Jacobin thinking, which he saw as expressing an unhistorical, tyrannical spirit and an importunate desire for power.’



/ˌənhiˈstôrək(ə)l/ /ˌənhɪˈstɔrək(ə)l/