Definition of unholiness in English:



See unholy

‘I truly did not appreciate the breadth and depth of the vindictive power of his unholiness.’
  • ‘Perhaps they only came and lived in it, and did their best to cleanse it from the unholiness that lived in it before they claimed it.’
  • ‘More even than the rest of us, he has been sandbagged by the sex- and power-abuse scandal of the past year and the unholiness it has exposed.’
  • ‘If we hope for justice rather than mercy at the Last Judgment, we must have a horribly shallow view of God's holiness and of our unholiness.’
  • ‘They would watch the unholiness, the terrible actions they deemed so just evaporate, and fall like their already lost souls.’



/ˌənˈhōlēnəs/ /ˌənˈhoʊlinəs/