Definition of unhoused in English:



  • Having no accommodation or shelter.

    ‘the poor remain unhoused’
    • ‘This is a route littered with stolen cash, broken dreams and dead bodies: a sickening reverse of the hippy trail where the poor and unhoused of Asia head for the prosperity and welfare payouts of western Europe.’
    • ‘The naked, starving, unhoused Griffin would, logically, seem to be that way not because of any fatal flaw in his science.’
    • ‘The very construction workers who built the city were, as Fry himself noted, ‘underpaid, unhoused, and uncared for…‘’
    • ‘Beginning with his distant marriage, an image of Jim's being unhoused, the novel then shows Jim as a child leaving one lost home in Virginia and going to an unknown new one in Nebraska.’
    • ‘Reuse of cleared land was often at lower density, inevitably throwing an increment of unhoused people on the private market.’



/ˌənˈhouzd/ /ˌənˈhaʊzd/