Definition of unhouseled in English:



  • (of a person) not having received the Eucharist.

    ‘he feared the child would die unhouseled’
    • ‘His statement (as a ghost) of having died unhouseled and unaneled shows him to have been a Catholic.’
    • ‘I will mock the marly heavens, lamp the purple prairies, I will flaunt my deathless banners down the far, unhouseled lands.’
    • ‘And, an example of the latter is from Scott's Ivanhoe, ‘Me… they suffer to die like the houseless dog on yonder common, unshriven and unhouseled.’’
    • ‘She knew nothing of their subterranean, furtive, twilight life, the limbo through which, with their obliterated humanity, they moved as so many unhouseled ghosts, or the aching hunger in those hands that reached, groping tentatively out of their emptiness to seek some hope or stay.’
    • ‘He sees those he loves perish unhouseled.’



/ˌənˈhouzəld/ /ˌənˈhaʊzəld/


Mid 16th century from un-‘not’ + the past participle of obsolete housel ‘offer the Eucharist to’, from housel ‘Eucharist’.