Definition of unhurried in English:



  • Moving, acting, or taking place without haste or urgency.

    ‘he began opening the drawers of his desk in an unhurried way’
    ‘discover the region's unspoilt beauty and its easy, unhurried pace’
    ‘the singing is unhurried’
    • ‘If one wants to appreciate the products at a leisurely and unhurried pace, then Crafts Bazar is the place.’
    • ‘There was an unusual easiness, a calm and unhurried pace to everything.’
    • ‘His style is much the same here as on those discs: calm, unhurried, and deliberate.’
    • ‘Don't let the ads fool you into thinking this is some kind of edgy French thriller, by the way, or you'll be too annoyed by its unhurried pace to enjoy it.’
    • ‘The comic book format allows the story to be told at a controlled, unhurried pace, without the artificial constraint of a two-hour movie.’
    • ‘The strength of this production lies in its unhurried pace; far from boring us, it entertains in an elegant and original way.’
    • ‘They seemed to be dredging, but at a remarkably unhurried pace.’
    • ‘The pace is unhurried and silence almost never impedes the flow of events.’
    • ‘It has the same languorous sense of vast skies and unhurried pace.’
    • ‘Her pace is unhurried, and she is careful to keep her balance despite the weight of her baby and the pain shooting up and down her spine.’
    • ‘The pace of life, as with the mainland, is easy and unhurried.’
    • ‘We're adopting a relaxed and unhurried attitude to the house sale.’
    • ‘The delightful sense of unhurried leisure is what the movie has to show us, and it comfortably inhabits its own airy space.’
    • ‘It was calm, unhurried and peaceful one day in the year when time seemed to literally slow down.’
    • ‘I find it quite difficult to connect with others in a normal, unhurried, relaxed way.’
    • ‘Watching the clock on my bedside table, I saw the numbers change before my eyes with painfully unhurried pace.’
    • ‘All work must be undertaken carefully and in a slow unhurried manner.’
    • ‘She stood amidst the subtle sight finding serenity in its unhurried pace.’
    • ‘The pace is unhurried, the treatment is even-handed, and the effect is fascinating.’
    • ‘The pace is unhurried, the shocks cushioned by good manner.’
    leisurely, unhasty, leisured, easy, easy-going, relaxed, unrushed, slow, slow-moving, slow-going, slow and steady
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