Definition of unhusk in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Remove a husk or shell from (a seed or fruit)

    ‘they gathered together to unhusk the rice’
    • ‘The country's production of unhusked rice, corn and soybean will likely slip this year due to a decrease in total crop areas as well as productivity, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.’
    • ‘Makassar, South Sulawesi: Four million farmers in 23 regencies in South Sulawesi province are frustrated because at least half of the four tons of unhusked rice in the recent harvest remains unsold.’
    • ‘The price of unhusked rice dropped to around Rp 800 per kilogram recently, compared to the government's target of Rp 1,095 per kg.’
    • ‘Minister of Agriculture Bungaran Saragih said the country's unhusked rice output reached 50.8 million tons and he was optimistic that the initial output target of 52 million tons for this year would be achieved.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Agriculture has proposed to the Ministry of Finance a 15 percent hike in the floor price of unhusked rice to help rice farmers cope with rising production costs.’
    • ‘He said that his agency was preparing several measures including launching a campaign for farmers to maintain stocks during the current harvest season, and improving the quality of the unhusked rice by providing direct consultations.’
    • ‘Prices of unhusked rice have plunged to a low of Rp 700 per kilogram, compared to a government-target floor price of Rp 1,020, because the cooperatives did not have enough money to absorb the huge surplus.’
    • ‘‘With a limited supply of imported rice on the market, it is hoped that farmers will be able to sell their unhusked rice at the government's floor-price,’ he said.’
    • ‘'This year many farmers suffered losses because of the falling price of unhusked rice,' he said.’
    • ‘Last week government officials told the press that more than 120,000 hectares of rice fields had been destroyed and almost 300,000 tonnes of unhusked rice ruined.’
    • ‘‘Based on our research, prices of unhusked rice in several locations were below the standard,’ she explained.’
    • ‘The makeshift classroom is actually far from ideal as the open room is a kind of storeroom, in which several gunny sacks packed with unhusked rice are piled up on the floor in the corner.’
    • ‘The country's unhusked rice production this year is estimated to reach some 54.1 million tons, relatively flat compared to last year.’
    • ‘They suspected that the provincial logistics agency was involved in an import scam, using state funds allocated to buy unhusked rice from local farmers.’
    • ‘However, most will not be able to plant a smaller third crop and already the Agriculture Ministry says 500,000 tonnes of unhusked rice would be lost.’
    • ‘Hence production costs increased, leading to a higher determined price for unhusked rice.’
    • ‘Since mature coconut palms may have a height of 24 to 35 meters, and an unhusked coconut may weigh 1 to 4 kg, blows to the head of a force exceeding 1 metric ton are possible.’
    • ‘They also vary in colour in both the husked and unhusked state.’
    • ‘Our climate is not always ideal for this palm, but if you want to get a plant going, take the unhusked nut, or the seed, and place it on its side.’
    • ‘If not an error on the same scale as Ballantyne's famous unhusked coconuts, the translucent Pacific water is clearly a high-order inaccuracy.’