Definition of unibrow in English:



  • A pair of eyebrows that meet above the nose, giving the appearance of a single eyebrow.

    Also called monobrow

    ‘If I didn't secretly pluck my eyebrows, I'd have a unibrow.’
    • ‘I don't suggest that guys aim for a perfectly arched eyebrow, but waxing is a good way to get rid of eyebrows that are out of control and keep that unibrow out of sight.’
    • ‘I think the only comforting, predictable factor of this labor will be that if she happens to get stuck, someone can just reach up in there, grab hold of her fully grown unibrow and yank her into the light.’
    • ‘I spent an hour removing every last hair and then another half-hour meticulously plucking away my unibrow.’
    • ‘And people who make petty comments about unibrows reveal more about themselves than about the tragic state of someone else's eyebrows.’
    • ‘But Lindsay Anderson was nowhere to be found, and Michael (the only living being in school who was taller than Matilda) was gazing down at her unibrow with a deathly serious expression.’
    • ‘And ladies, you are only a stylish up-do and unibrow away from a kickin’ Frida Kahlo costume.’
    • ‘The name sounds like it belongs to an old guy who has pants hiked up to his neck and a big bushy unibrow.’
    • ‘Without looking, he has sat down next to Morgana Rothschild, whose unibrow he finds revolting, and Clara Deterdling, whose attractiveness he finds intimidating.’
    • ‘If that doesn't deserve a trophy, I don't know what does - preferably one that weighs about seven grains and fits nicely in the middle of his unkempt unibrow.’
    • ‘She has a unibrow and an occasional light mustache… so what?’
    • ‘While there's no one perfect method for shaping brows, some basic tips include plucking away the unibrow (for both men and women) and enhancing your arch.’
    • ‘The male looked ferocious with his black unibrow.’
    • ‘Check out the easiest ways to get rid of everything from your unibrow to the hair down there.’
    • ‘Bernard, without thinking, sits next to her at the orgy-porgy and immediately regrets it because she has a unibrow.’
    • ‘He had blond hair and a thick moustache with a bushy unibrow.’
    • ‘You can also trim the strips to fit; I tackle my husband's unibrow with them.’
    • ‘My eyebrows need to be shaped a little, but they don't become a unibrow ever.’



/ˈyo͞onəˌbrou/ /ˈjunəˌbraʊ/