Definition of unicast in English:



  • Transmission of a data package or an audiovisual signal to a single recipient.

    as modifier ‘the unicast method wastes a lot of bandwidth by sending duplicate information’
    • ‘There is a middle ground between broadcasts and unicasts, and that is a multicast.’
    • ‘It also includes the VideoLAN Client, which can be used as a server to stream MPEG - 1, MPEG - 2 and MPEG - 4 files and DVDs on the network in unicast or multicast.’
    • ‘WPA allows you to specify the type of encryption used for unicast and broadcast or multicast frames.’
    • ‘The presentation can be coordinated as a multicast to simultaneous users and as a unicast, for users who want to see the presentation after the fact.’
    • ‘Bottom line, says Bhatia: Streaming content to consumers from edge-servers is less expensive, with better quality than anything you send from a central data center, via a unicast model, where every consumer is ‘hitting’ the same server.’



/ˈyo͞onəˌkast/ /ˈjunəˌkæst/


1990s on the pattern of broadcast.