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  • (of a person) wearing a uniform.

    ‘uniformed police officers’
    • ‘From which we can only conclude that all applicants receive the same Rolls-Royce service, complete with a uniformed chauffeur.’
    • ‘However, as we approached we could see the white limousines, with the white ribbons, and a team of uniformed chauffeurs standing by.’
    • ‘The police were joined by uniformed community safety wardens, Richmond Council park patrol officers and special constables.’
    • ‘In York, police are hoping to combat the problem with more uniformed officers backed by community support patrols.’
    • ‘Today the property remained cordoned off, guarded by uniformed police officers as inquiries continued.’
    • ‘Then he took me downstairs to a beautiful car, uniformed chauffeur and all!’
    • ‘But when a film company needs to close a road or divert traffic while shooting film, whole contingents of uniformed police officers complete with cars and motorcycles are required.’
    • ‘The civil enforcement officers will form up alongside hundreds of uniformed community support officers patrolling the streets, keeping an eye on low-level anti-social behaviour.’
    • ‘They should only be used by trained uniformed police officers who on detecting a speeding driver would have the necessary powers to stop such a driver and either report him/her or issue a fixed penalty ticket.’
    • ‘Throughout the lecture three uniformed campus police officers observed the event from the exits in addition to two senior officers who were present in plain clothes.’
    • ‘However, the biggest difference from other sports events was that there were few spectators, except for numerous uniformed police officers.’
    • ‘Additional police patrols of both uniformed and plain clothes officers will target hot spots identified via calls from the public and from previous experience.’
    • ‘Earlier, hooligans pelted riot police and uniformed officers with bottles after numerous incidents on the Wearmouth Bridge approach to the stadium.’
    • ‘The sight of uniformed police officers out and about does a great deal to reassure people and acts as a deterrent, particularly to anti-social behaviour.’
    • ‘Yesterday uniformed police officers stood guard outside the premises while forensic experts carried out a detailed search inside the premises.’
    • ‘Police have drawn-up an action plan with a police sergeant and six uniformed officers on mobile patrol in case trouble kicks off.’
    • ‘Volunteers are accompanied by a uniformed officer, special constable or police community support officer.’
    • ‘When the checkout supervisor saw a uniformed police officer intending to buy some alcohol this was brought to her attention.’
    • ‘Is the cost of a few more uniformed police officers and some decent lighting in the major tourist areas too much to ask?’



/ˈyo͞onəˌfôrmd/ /ˈjunəˌfɔrmd/