Definition of uniformitarian in English:


adjective & noun


See uniformitarianism

‘The very possibility of volcanists in debate with neptunists, and catastrophists with uniformitarians, depends on the adoption of time-frames very different from those derived from the human life-span.’
  • ‘This is clear from the ‘father of uniformitarian geology’, James Hutton - see his assertion.’
  • ‘Much fieldwork remains to be done on Earth's ancient glacial climates using well-tried uniformitarian principles embodied in sedimentary basin analysis.’
  • ‘Do the uniformitarian geologists have objections to the way the natural gas was sampled or do they have any explanation why radiocarbon is found in some/all coal and natural gas?’
  • ‘The reason for this is because uniformitarian scientists view the ice sheet as maintaining equilibrium, about the same height and shape, for a few million years.’