Definition of unilinearly in English:



See unilinear

‘The study by Seielstad, Minch, and Cavalli-Sforza may be regarded as the pioneer study on the relations between genetic variation of unilinearly transmitted polymorphisms and sociocultural factors.’
  • ‘At any rate, of course, my thinking is skewed to perceive things unilinearly as long as I continue to subject myself to the doctrine of schools…’
  • ‘The scientific ideal is essential from my standpoint, but philosophy does not progress unilinearly; we keep returning to founding texts over and over.’
  • ‘When the bacterial cell divides, only one daughter cell in each generation contains the exogenote which is transmitted unilinearly.’
  • ‘Arguing that technology investment is not unilinearly increased but introduced only as a strategy of re-structuration by capital through the class composition theory, he criticizes the technological determinism of the theories of labor extinction.’